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Related post: Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2008 loli chan boards 20:32:51 -0800 brasil loli (PST) From: Rj Phantom Subject: Rags to Riches part 3All dark loli pics the usual disclaimers apply. Do not read if it's not legal lolicon nymphets list to do so in your area. I quickly shut the door and backed away. I thought this was going on, but I really wasn't prepared for the image I just saw. I needed to lolicon samples sit down. The hallway was too crowded and I didn't feel sitting nude loli gallery on the floor so I used my keys to open Josh's bedroom door. Andy was right behind me. He looked really angry and came rushing in Josh's room and shut the door. I sat down on the bed."I can't believe you just came in my room without permission. I said I was busy." Andy yelled."Oh you were busy alright""Screw free pictures virgin lolits you Pete, it's none of your business""You lied to me, right in my face. I asked you if you were fucking blowin that loser and you told me no" I was getting angry now. He did lie to me, and he came to the party with freshmen after I told him no."So what? It's not that big a deal, why do you care?'"I don't""So what you getting mad for, you're the one who came in my room when I said not to""You didn't say don't come in""Yea well, that's what I'm busy means" I couldn't really stay mad at him for long. He seemed to be cooling down too."So thai lolitta sex what, are you queer or something now?""No, well I don't know. Maybe.""I should have known you were queer. No one else gives a good blowjob like you do." I think I hurt his feelings that time, it was intentional. I wanted him to feel as hurt as I was."That was low Pete, even for you""Yea well, you deserved it.""For what? For following around since we were kids hanging off you're every word? For always being around when loli message board you needed someone? For lolicon underage giving you a blowjob when you weren't lucky enough to have girls all over you? Tell me what I've done to deserve how you treat me.""How I treat you!? You're the one who stop hanging around with me remember? It's not like I didn't want you around. Ever since you met Jake we barely even see each other.""Jake isn't the one who abandoned me as soon as girls starting coming around.""So you're mad I wouldn't let you blow me? That doesn't mean I didn't want to be your friend Andy.""I couldn't just be you're friend Pete, I wanted more. You knew that""I didn't know. illegal lolit Maybe if you would have said something-""Then what? You would have stopped hooking up with every girl you saw? Yea right" he was getting angry again now."We could have tried, free uncensored lolicon at least talk it out. Maybe even now we can talk about it. Now loli fuck porn free that I know what you really felt.""It's too late young lolitta sex Pete. I'm over you now." And with that he left out of Josh's room and went back into his. Unbelievable, ok, maybe I wouldn't have loli magazine taken it any father with him but he could pre russian lolis have at least talked to me. What's worse russian little loli is I genuinely loli ukrainian girls miss him nude loli girl models following me around, even if we were just friends. lolitta sexy photo What's wrong with just being friends?I was definitely in no mood to party so I started winding the party down and went up to my room. The team should be able to handle helping everyone clear out, and there's Lou and Josh. I just wanted to sleep. If Andy had told me he wanted to be with russian loli top me what would I have said? I erotic anime loli don't know but I miss him. His cute smile and the way lolia fucking he'd laugh smoll lolits at everything I said. Maybe I did like him, I don't know. I russian lolite pedo illegal will probably be able to think better in the morning.I woke up to the sound of Josh's car door slamming. Something must have made him upset, no doubt it has something to do with Lou. I wonder if Andy with went him? I really don't want to run into him today. I got up and took a shower. The maids should be here any minute to start cleaning up the house, poor women. I went downstairs and saw Lou sitting at the kitchen table. It had been about 20 minutes since Josh left, he looked like he was in deep thought."Mornin bro, late night?"Yea, it anal lolit was.""I heard you got naked and jumped in the pool? You must've been wasted.""Yea, I was." It got silent for a moment and he started to speak again. "Pete I have to tell you something.""Me too," I needed someone to talk to lolicon teens this about and it might as well be Lou. I didn't really want to think about this alone and I knew I could count on him lolicon cumshot to tell me how wrong this all was. top naked loli That maybe what I was feeling was a brotherly connection or something. "You preteen loli nn galleries go first""Don't tell anyone and I don't want you to freak out about this" sounds like he had given a lot of thought to what he was lolits kids pedo porno about to say. Normally he'd talk to Josh about things like this."Just tell me dude, what's up""I think I like Josh""Oh yea? I think I like Andy""Wait...what!?" We both said at the same time.---------Both Lou and Pete were loli 13 yo model shocked at what the other boy had just said. Pete couldn't believe forbidden loli that a guy like Lou might actually be into guys. Lou was pretty much shocked at the same thing but thinking Pete was into their little brother Andy was too farfetched. He must've been japanese lolicon photos joking."I'm being serious Pete" Lou spoke up."Me too, sadly" Pete retorted."Man this is crazy. Are you gay?""No, I don't think so, are you?""No, I think it's just Josh.""Same here, but with Andy""Andy, wow, really?" Obviously Lou was the most shocked of the two. There wasn't a night where Pete didn't have a girl up in his room."No kidding, but I think there's something else you should know" Pete was thinking about telling Lou how Josh felt. He thought it over for a bit and thought it would be best loli pthc to just leave it up to Josh."What is it? What could masturbation lolilta nudist possibly be more shocking then this?""Nothing, you're right. Maybe later.""So what do we do now?"What do you mean?" Pete couldn't believe what he had just confessed to his friend. He hadn't even confessed it to himself first."Well I don't think Josh or Andy are into us like that?""What makes you think that?""We'll free lolicon best I kissed Josh.""You did what bro?!""Twice, and he acted like I had just kicked him in the nuts or something""Wow, what did he say?" Pete had a hard time believing Lou could make a move on Josh and Josh not like it."Nothing he just left, both loli zeps times""So that's what that was video 3d loli about just morning." Pete knew the way pthc loli cp Josh felt for almost a year now, what was so bad about that kiss that made Josh angry? Pete thought."But you see what I mean Pete, maybe we should just keep this to ourselves until we grow out of lolit incest it. What happened with you and Andy?" Lou was really skeptic about Pete's so called confession. He was having a really hard time wrapping his head around the girl lolittas idea of Pete liking petite nn loli Andy."I don't know man; it's just something about that little dude that drives me crazy." Pete wasn't ready yet to reveal the past Andy and he had. Lou had never seen Pete sound so serious about anyone, maybe he was telling the truth."Crazy? Like how?" Lou was getting interested now."Like when I don't talk to him for awhile, I start to miss him really bad. At first I thought it was just because we spent so much time together, but it's different than that. Whenever 12yr loli I see him I can't help but smile." Pete was thinking `he makes me so horny too' but he thought it was best to leave that part out."Wow" Lou had an extremely shocked look on his face."Uh huh""So what are you gonna do?""I don't know. What lolicon free pix about you?""Don't know either""Yea...talking to you has been really helpful bro""We'll at incest video lolicon least lolicon fisting image board we got to talk about it. Saying it out loud puts a different perspective on things""I hear ya"-----------------Still can't believe my best friend Pete likes my friend Andy. What is going on in this house? One minute we're all friends and the next pthc bbs loli we were in love with each other. What am I supposed to do in a situation like this?"I know this is obvious but please don't say anything to Josh about this" He probably wouldn't be comfortable knowing I told Pete about our kisses. It would make my situation much worst."Really? I think it's best if you talk to him about it, instead of just kissing him whenever you see him.""What am I supposed to say?""Tell him top list loli what you told me.""What if he freaks out and doesn't even underage loli pictures want to be my friend anymore.""I have a feeling it won't happen""Sorry Pete but, I don't think getting any type of relationship advice from you is a good idea." Pete was a good guy, but porn pre loli he treated his girls like they meant nothing to him. I suppose I understand why he did though now, him liking Andy and all."Fine then dude, do it your way.""I probably won't do anything at all.""That's your problem bro, you think too much. You had to get wasted to even make a move." He had a good point; if I had been sober none of this would have ever happened. Perhaps not drinking anymore is the solution.."What about you? What's your genius plan to tell Andy, how you feel?""First I got to deal with that little dick Jake" Jake was Andy's best friend. They met freshmen year of tiny loli bbs high school and have been friends ever since."What's wrong porno lolite com with loli bestiality fuck lola Jake?""Competition""Oh...oh! So you mean Andy likes guys?!" Unbelievable."I think so.""Then you have it easy, at least Andy will have an open mind about it, Josh is ilegal loli sex 100% straight and in love with Stacey.""If you say so." Seemed like Pete had more to say. The conversation was already taking a weird turn, I thought best to not probe this any young porn loli further."So if angel core lolicon you had the chance, would you like go out with him or something?""Maybe.""You wouldn't care what your teammates or anyone else at school thought?""No. They only like us for your money young loli pussy anyway. Does it matter to you?""A little""You need to chill bro. Don't over think things. I'm going to go to practice now, let's pick this up later." Pete had practice every Saturday. Didn't like that we had to stop talking, but it was inevitable.After Pete left I started cleaning up a bit so the maids wouldn't have to do all the work. I was getting ready to head out to find Josh when I heard the doorbell. It was my ex-girlfriend, Jessica. She had a box in her hand, I wonder what this was about."Hey Lou," She looked really pissed. I don't care though, one less gold digger to follow me around. "Here's all the stuff you bought me, you can have it back.""Stuff I bought you?!" I was laughing in her face. This was a first. "Don't you want to keep it?""No, why would I?""Maybe because that's all you ever cared about? You even joined the debate team just to spend more time with me." I was in the debate team at the school. I normally didn't get to do much but research, but I loved going to those meetings. That is, until she showed up. Batting her eyelashes and drooling all over me. After awhile I loli nude board started to think she was different, and finally went out with her, but she turned sexe hard galleri lolitta out to be just the same as all the other girls."I never cared about your money...well maybe a little, but that wasn't all I cared about. And yes, usenet loli petite maybe I joined that lame debate team because you were there, but I liked you.""Yea yea. In any case, you can keep the stuff. I bought it for you.""And that's all you seem to care about," She wasn't even listening to me. God she was going to ramble again, here we go. "Your stupid money. Every second I had to listen to you complain about people only liking you for the money and how only your stupid friends who lived with you didn't.""Are you just going to stand on my porch and yell at me all day? I have things to do ya loli ukraina know""You and your money, that's all you ever talk about, not me," This was never going to end. "I actually liked you because I thought you were cute and witty.""Fine...FINE! Just give me the stuff xxx preteens loli and go!" I wasn't going to listen young lolity to this all day. I had to go find Josh and apologize again.She dropped the box, turned around and walked away. I picked up the box and looked around in it. There was an ipod, a bracelet, and some other random things I bought her, maybe she didn't lolit bbs ls magazine care about it, oh well.. I kept looking around in the box and found something was there I didn't buy her. It was a little lolicon hentai video money pouch she won in a raffle when we went to a fair together. I ran out to the lolite adult driveway to try and catch her before she left, but I was too slow. If I hadn't been there though, I wouldn't have seen Andy and Jake come in through the side door on the house. It led straight to Andy and Josh's wing of the house. It was kind of hentai lolicon swimsuit suspicious. I don't ever remember Andy entering the house through there. He usually came in the front like everyone else.I walked around to the side asian lolit door to see what they were up to. I followed it in until I was on the side of his bedroom door. When I peeked inside, they were on the opposite side of the bed, sitting down. Unless free lolit movie they were expecting someone to be at the door, they wouldn't videos rape lolite have seen me."God, I have been waiting for this all day, little russia loli fuck dude" Jake was talking to lolicon pics free Andy. I couldn't really see their faces."Don't call me that anymore.""Why? I thought you liked it when I called you that? It was your idea.""Just not anymore.""Does this have to do with illegal lolittas that guy catching us the other day? What was his name?""Pete" Pete caught them doing something? It was probably wrong for me to spy little loli xxx tgp on them like this."Yea Pete, he was pretty hot. Have you ever...?""No, let's stop talking about him.""I'm good with no talking" I couldn't believe the next think I saw. Jake leaned in and started kissing Andy. They had to turn so from what I can tell on their faces, they were both pretty into it. After about 2 minutes of that they had finally stopped. I stepped away from the door just incase they looked that way. "Maybe preteen erotic lolis we should close the door""Naw, nobody's going to be home today except Lou. He never comes down here.""Lou huh? He's pretty hot too, maybe we should invite him?""Will you shut up already? No talking remember?""Right." They both stood up and lolicon bd or dessins started undressing each other. This was making me really hard. Jake cp pics loli took Andy's shirt off and started loli sex pics top to lick his nipples. Andy let out a small moan, so he must have been enjoying it. lolite free videos japan He was lolitta underage picture working his way down licking everything in his path. He finally got Andy's jeans off and was tucking at elastic of his boxers. "If Pete interrupts us this time, I'm just going to keep on going." Jake removed the boxers, revealing Andy's hard five inch cock. It was dripping with precum.. Must have made me excited too because my cock twitched in my jeans. Without a moment to waste, Jake moved his mouth straight over Andy's cock and took it all in. Never had a girl that could do that, must feel really good."Fuck," Andy was getting really into it. "Always gets me how amazing you are at this."I young lolicon preteen was fighting every urge in my body not to take out my own lolite vids cock and give it a tug. Just the thought of what me and Josh could get into one day was driving 3d lolicon pics me insane. Jake layed shocking pix loli Andy on his back and started kissing him again. They were young loli to fuck on top of each other now, kissing and grinding their cocks together. Andy flipped Jake and his back and started to lick him down like Jake had done before. When he pulled jakes hard uncut 7 inch cock out, it slapped against his stomach. Andy started to lick the kdz loli pics head, licking off all the precum that had been leaking in the front of naked lolits world Jake's boxers. He put his mouth around the head and started to go down, though he couldn't take it all. Jake was moaning really loud."You're not so bad yourself but," Jake managed to say in-between the loud moans he was emitting, "Can you please fuck me pedo loli 10 now or maybe I can fuck you this time?""No, not you." Andy had looked up at him with a serious look on his face."Not me? What's that lolicon movie gallery mean?""Nothing, I meant to say I'm not ready for that yet.""Yea ok, just fuck me then please. I can't wait teen loli models any longer""Sure thing"Was I about to witness what I thought I was? I'm sure I won't be able to contain myself if I saw this. But sure enough, Andy moved into position right on top of Jake. I lolitta baby fuck had never seen such a look of desperation top 100 loli model on a mans face before. Jake looked like he was going to pass out if he didn't get what he wanted."Yea, cmon, fuck pretee lolit jpg me Andrew." Was all Jake could say as Andy took his time getting ready to enter him. Andy spread Jake's leg wide, and from the position I was in, I could see his asshole practically begging for it too. Andy grabbed his cock with one hand and entered him slowly, almost teasing Jake for wanting it so bad. The scene alone was too much from me but I couldn't dare look away. When Andy was all the way in, the look on Jake's face turned from desire to ecstasy. He was moaning even louder than before now. Andy was moving in and out as slow as child lolipop he could. I would have came all in my pants had they not been hurting me like hell. Andy kept to this rhythm for about ten more minutes. He started to pick up the pace and I could loli blog 14yo tell he was getting close to coming."I'm about to cum" Andy announced."Fuck not yet, keep going" Jake protested, "Feels so good."Andy slowed down his pace a bit but that only gave him about one more minute. He pulled out of Jake and started to dump his load all over free 3d lolicon movies his chest. That put me over the edge. I couldn't take it any more. I yanked off my jeans and pulled about my rock hard 6 inch cock. It was practically swimming in precum which gave me all the lube I needed. I plopped down on the floor and started to stroke. free lolitta pic I knew it wouldn't take me long, only about 30 seconds and virgin loli I shot my loud all over my shirt. It was the best orgasm I ever had."Fuc-" I quickly stopped myself, but it was too late."What was that?" I could hear one of the boys ask in the bedroom."I don't know""Well go see."Fuck I was going to get caught sitting here like this.-------------Comments, questions, want more? Email me at I'd love to know what you think. young loli teenie
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